Empowerment Mood & Mental Health Treatment Program

When symptoms from mood and mental health disorders are left untreated, they can be completely debilitating. Those who suffer from these disorders often undergo a substantial amount of distress, potentially resulting in maladaptive coping mechanisms and self-destructive behaviors. Unrest from the severity of one’s symptoms, combined with the destruction self-destructive behaviors cause to a person’s everyday life, can be devastating and cause one to feel an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. At Life Healing Center, we are proud to offer the Empowerment Program for those suffering from mood and mental health disorders.

The Empowerment Program is designed for men and women, aged 18 and older, who require treatment for mood and mental health disorders that have a significant impact on their everyday life. The ultimate goal of this program is to help every patient discover the confidence and independence they need to live a life free from the afflictions of mental illness. We aim to achieve this goal through a combination of treatment types that provide holistic approach. This specialized program is specifically tailored for men and women experiencing primary issues due to mood or mental health disorders. Yet, we also have vast experience treating co-occurring concerns, including those surrounding the complexities of substance abuse.

Throughout treatment in the Empowerment program, patients will participate in a journey that promotes true healing, and ultimately aims to change hopelessness to determination and confidence. The Empowerment Program includes several objectives that are meant to assist patients in learning to effectively manage symptoms of mental health disorders. These objectives include:

  • Providing education on the disorder or illness one is faced with
  • Teaching the skills needed to recognize triggers that exacerbate symptoms
  • Processing and managing unsettling symptoms by using clinically proven therapeutic techniques
  • Forging a relationship with one’s self and others to decrease isolation and build a supportive environment
  • Providing education on the effects of one’s disorder and teaching patients how to identify triggers that lead to unhealthy coping methods
  • Solidifying effective coping mechanisms and prevention strategies for maladaptive behaviors to ensure lasting recovery
  • Assisting the patient in their healing process; moving from victim to an empowered individual

These objectives are woven into the various treatment methods and modalities that patients will participate in while engaged in this program. During the course of a patient’s treatment, the following are among the therapeutic interventions that can be incorporated into each patient’s individualized treatment plan:

  • Medication management services with a psychiatrist to assess, address, and provide psychotropic medication(s) when needed
  • Weekly Individual therapy sessions with a master’s prepared therapist
  • Group therapy sessions that cover topics, such as trauma resolution, healing shame, unhealthy coping strategies including substance use disorders, relapse prevention, living in balance, healthy lifestyles, and emotion regulation, to name a few
  • Family therapy sessions are recommended based on clinical need. The sessions can be conducted by phone or in person. Life Healing Center works with the patient and family member to develop a plan to best meet the patient’s needs
  • Experiential therapies, such as psychodrama, group equine therapy, art therapy, and movement therapy
  • Ancillary therapies that include individual art therapy, EMDR, individual equine therapy, breathwork, somatic experiencing, massage, and Reiki, to name a few

The aforementioned interventions are evidenced based therapies proven effective in treating individuals who are struggling with trauma and lay the groundwork for lasting healing.

If you or someone you care about is in need of treatment in order to heal from a trauma, your search is over. Life Healing Center’s Empowerment Program is where men and women alike can acquire the skills, confidence, and healing needed to overcome the distress of unresolved trauma. Give us a call today to begin your bright and happy future.

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