Our Programs

For more than 20 years, Life Healing Center has been providing clinical excellence in the treatment of mental health disorders, substance use disorders, intimacy disorders, and trauma-related conditions. With devotion to offering patients a serene, yet fully supportive, environment where they can safely seek recovery, Life Healing Center is proud to have been able to offer countless individuals the opportunity to receive the life-changing care they needed to get their lives back on track and to overcome the symptoms and distresses that plagued them. And, by holding true to our vision to continue to be a premier provider of trauma, addiction, and behavioral healthcare services, we are confident in our ability to change the lives of many individuals to come.

Recognizing the sensitive nature of the various disorders that bring patients to our doors, at Life Healing Center, we believe that it is essential that treatment be offered in a therapeutic environment where individuals are treated with respect and where positive behaviors and healthy decision-making are not only encouraged, but are modeled as well. Our highly-skilled and knowledgeable staff, of which includes  board-certified adult psychiatrists, Master’s prepared therapists, Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselors, clinical technicians, a full nursing staff, and contracted ancillary therapists, has received extensive training in providing culturally-sensitive care to all ethnicities, religious groups, and cultural backgrounds. Our campus is extremely diverse and our staff is dedicated to meeting people wherever they are so that patients are able to fully benefit from the treatment services they are offered.

Additionally, at Life Healing Center, we truly excel at taking people who are battling multiple, complex concerns and addressing each and every concern separately, subsequently affording them treatment that is truly comprehensive. We have also been extremely successful at helping people who have been in multiple different treatment programs in the past find true healing and recovery once and for all.

In order to provide specialized treatment that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual who is entrusted into our care, Life Healing Center offers distinct core programming options. These programming options include the following:

  • Our Empowerment Program is designed for males and females, aged 18 and older, who are experiencing mood or mental health disorder symptoms that significantly impact their day-to-day life.
  • Our Hope Program is designed for males and females, aged 18 and older, who are battling substance use disorders and are in need of help, guidance, and support as they re-devote themselves to living a life of sobriety. We also offer medical detoxification services for patients to engage in should they need a safe environment to successfully withdraw from any toxic substances that may be present in their bodies.
  • Our Serenity Program is designed for males and females, aged 18 and older, who have endured trauma and are struggling to overcome the residual effects of their devastating experiences.

At the time of admission, every patient is assigned to one of the aforementioned Core Programs, depending upon his or her primary presenting issues. It is important to note, however, that while we offer these specialized programming options, Life Healing Center is also able to comprehensively care for individuals who are suffering from psychiatric conditions, such as bipolar disorder, depression disorders, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, or a trauma-related concern is present. Patients in all Core Programs who have a psychiatric disorder will receive appropriate treatment to address their specific needs. Patients who are battling multiple, complex issues, however, will be provided with individualized care that will address the full-spectrum of the issues that are plaguing them.

Patients who take part in any of the programming options here at Life Healing Center are afforded the opportunity to engage in a number of different activities, all tailored to fit in appropriately with their clinically-based individualized treatment plans.

Weekday programming begins at 8:30am with groups that last until 12:00pm. Core Group occurs four out of five weekday mornings for two and a half hours, and the afternoons are devoted to psycho-education, DBT, individual therapy sessions, and/or ancillary therapies. Evenings include attendance of self-help groups. The weekends include discharge planning groups and programming that is experientially focused. Sundays include the option to attend local houses of worship, family visitation, and staff-directed recreational activities.

Patients engaged in programming at Life Healing Center typically adhere to a general schedule, however, that schedule may be modified in order to meet the individual needs of each patient. For example, if a patient is initially unable to tolerate the group process, he or she will be given an “independent study” schedule that emphasizes individual work until his or her condition stabilizes sufficiently enough to permit him or her to integrate into the appropriate Core Group.

Whatever an individual’s needs may be, we, at Life Healing Center, will do everything in our power to ensure that every need is met, every concern is addressed, and the road to true healing and recovery is successfully embarked upon. If you or a loved one is seeking recovery from trauma, chemical dependency, and/or psychiatric conditions, look no further than Life Healing Center. We want to help you get your life back.

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