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Why Detox & Treatment are Needed to Recover from Alcohol Addiction

As one of the most commonly consumed drugs throughout human history, alcohol has a longstanding and widespread presence in communities across the globe. Despite how common alcohol consumption is, many people struggle to manage their alcohol use and keep their drinking under control.

Some individuals who realize that they are drinking too much are able to use willpower and some support from friends and family to limit their use. However, many other people are simply unable to stop drinking, not because they lack willpower, but because they are fighting a losing battle with addiction. These individuals may try valiantly to overcome their alcohol addictions, but for many reasons, not the least of which are the painful and possibly dangerous withdrawal symptoms that can accompany alcohol abstinence, they are not successful.

Unfortunately, when a person tries to abstain from alcohol after abusing it, he or she can experience withdrawal. During withdrawal, an individual can experience a series of uncomfortable or even dangerous symptoms, and the only way to find reprieve from these symptoms is to either wait them out or drink alcohol. As a result, many individuals find it extremely difficult or even impossible to overcome alcohol addiction on their own.

Fortunately, effective options for professional treatment exist. By participating in detoxification, or detox, at a comprehensive treatment center, men and women who have been struggling with alcohol addiction can give themselves the best possible chance of overcoming this debilitating and dangerous condition.

Benefits of Detox at Life Healing Center

Benefits of Alcohol Detox at Life Healing Center, Serving Albuquerque & Santa Fe, NM

As described above, individuals who are struggling with alcohol addiction are often unable to end their abuse of alcohol by themselves. However, by seeking out detox treatment, individuals can receive numerous benefits, such as:

  • Close expert supervision ensures that your detox experience will be as safe and comfortable as possible.
  • Participating in detox that is associated with a comprehensive treatment center, such as Life Healing Center, means that you can transition directly from detox into residential care without a gap in treatment.
  • Completing detox in a safe and closely monitored environment, where you will have no access to alcohol or other substances of abuse, eliminates the risk that you will relapse before completing the withdrawal process.

Without professional care, the chance that you will be able to overcome alcohol addiction is reduced. As a result, you may be at continued risk for negative consequences of alcohol abuse, including job loss, financial strain, loss of relationships and social support, isolation, liver damage, brain damage, and the ever-present threat of a fatal overdose (also known as alcohol poisoning).

However, ongoing addiction to alcohol does not have to be the end of your story. With professional help starting in an effective detox program as part of a comprehensive treatment program, it is possible to recover from alcohol addiction and live a life of long-term sobriety.

To learn more about the medical detoxification we provide at Life Healing Center, located in Santa Fe, NM (near Albuquerque), please contact us at your convenience. A member of our admissions team will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol addiction, do not hesitate to get the care that lead to long-term sobriety and an improved quality of life.

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I reached a moment in my life where I destroyed my personal relationships in prioritizing alcohol. That was when I decided to get treatment at Life Healing Center. Best. Decision. Ever. I am now 10 years sober and a much better person!

– Jeffrey A.