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At Life Healing Center, our admissions coordinators are ready to help you explore care options so that you can embark on your journey to healing confidently and quickly. We look forward to offering you support every step of the way and connecting you with comprehensive services that can improve your overall quality of life. If you have any concerns about starting treatment, please reach out to our team. We will do our best to address any barriers that may be keeping you from accessing the life-changing care you deserve.  

Our Admissions Process

The goals of our admissions process are simple: to determine whether we are a good fit for your specific needs and to get you into treatment quickly. We aim to expedite admission for each client, but the length of the process can vary from one client to another depending on numerous factors. To help ensure a smooth admissions process, it’s important to provide our team with the most accurate information possible so that we can recommend the best care for you.  

Once you’ve completed an initial phone screen with our admissions coordinators, they will work with the treatment team to review your information and decide if our services are right for you. This multidisciplinary team includes our director of admissions, director of nursing, clinical director, and medical director.  

If you meet the criteria for admission, we’ll request authorization to obtain any necessary medical records. After our team gathers and verifies all required documentation, we’ll work with you to schedule your date of admission. 

Each client’s care typically begins with preliminary paperwork and a medical assessment conducted by our nursing staff. At the start of treatment, a member of our staff will take you on a tour of our treatment center and provide you with an overview of care policies and procedures. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about what to expect during your stay with us. 

If you have any concerns regarding insurance coverage, we are happy to work with your provider to verify benefits and provide them with the information they need to process your claims. 

Criteria for Admission

During the admissions process, we strive to better understand the challenges each potential client is facing so that we can determine if our treatment center is the most suitable option for their needs. For those who require structured, highly supportive care, our residential treatment place might be the right fit.  

To participate in treatment at Life Healing Center, a person must: 

  • Be age 18 or older 
  • Be struggling with a mental health concern or addiction 
  • Be able to benefit from round-the-clock, live-in care 
  • Not currently be a danger to themselves or others 
  • Be physically and mentally able to engage in treatment services 
  • Not require a higher level of care 
  • Be entering care voluntarily 

Overview of Care

Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Life Healing Center is a residential treatment center that offers person-centered care for adults who are suffering from mental health concerns and addictions. Our clients follow individualized treatment plans while receiving care that promotes personal growth and transformation. 

We treat a variety of behavioral health disorders, including: 

  • Posttraumatic stress disorder  
  • Bipolar disorder  
  • Adjustment disorder 
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder 
  • Borderline personality disorder 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety  
  • Substance use disorders  

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of the mental health disorders we treat at Life Healing Center. To learn more about the services we offer and whether you can benefit from treatment at our facility, please reach out to our staff directly. 

What To Expect

When you seek treatment at Life Healing Center, you’ll work with our team of compassionate and knowledgeable admissions coordinators, who are committed to providing you with a stress-free experience. We begin each potential client’s admissions process with an initial screening that allows us to learn more about their current needs and how we can help them get on a path to healing.  

During this initial conversation, we’ll ask you several questions, which may include: 

  • What symptoms are you struggling with? How severe are they? 
  • How have these symptoms impacted your daily life? 
  • What is your treatment history? 
  • Are you currently taking any medications? 
  • What do you hope to accomplish through treatment? 

You can reach us anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to begin the intake process or ask any questions you might have about the services we provide at our Santa Fe, New Mexico, treatment place. If, for whatever reason, we determine that you may benefit from treatment at a different facility, we can make a referral to a trusted, vetted provider.  

What To Bring

When packing for your stay at Life Healing Center, we ask that you bring everyday clothing and footwear that is seasonally appropriate. If you are visiting our residential treatment center during the fall and winter months, you might want to consider bringing warm shoes and a heavy jacket. We provide a washer, dryer, and laundry detergent and recommend packing enough clothing for seven to 10 days.  

Clients are responsible for bringing any prescription medication with them as well as any hygiene products, such as shampoo and conditioner, body soap, deodorant, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a hairbrush or comb, and feminine hygiene items. Please note that personal hygiene items must not contain alcohol as one of the first two ingredients listed on the packaging.  

To make your stay more comfortable, we suggest bringing the following items:  

  • Clothing for 7-10 days (washers and dryers are available to do laundry)
  • Comfortable walking shoes (warm shoes for the fall and winter)
  • Light jacket/sweatshirt, and a heavier jacket during fall and winter months
  • Hygiene essentials: shampoo/conditioner, body soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush/comb *Alcohol cannot be listed as one of the first 2 ingredients
  • Headphones and an MP3 player that is preloaded with music and does not have internet, video, or audio recording capabilities 
  • Notebooks without metal binding  
  • Writing utensils 
  • Sealed packages of cigarettes or smokeless tobacco  
  • Stamps for mailing letters  
  • Electric razor for shaving 
  • Earplugs  
  • Sleep mask  
  • Traditional or analog watch  
  • Cash, debit card, or credit card to pay for medications and other items 
  • Books  

What Not To Bring

At Life Healing Center, we are committed to maintaining a safe environment where our clients can focus on healing. For this reason, there are several items we prohibit on our campus.  

We respectfully ask that you leave the following items at home: 

  • Products containing hemp or CBD 
  • Perfume and cologne 
  • Any items made of glass or metal  
  • Cords longer than 8 inches  
  • Charger blocks  
  • Nail polish  
  • Makeup products that contain glass mirrors in the packaging  
  • Hair dye  
  • Jewelry  
  • Electric hair tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and hair dryers 
  • Laundry detergent  
  • Vapes of any kind  
  • Aerosols  
  • Shaving razors  
  • Pre-opened packages of permitted items like hard candy and cigarettes 
  • Outside food or drinks 
  • Supplements  
  • Candles or incense  
  • Electronic devices such as e-readers, laptops, DVD players, TVs, smartwatches, gaming consoles, speakers, and cameras  
  • Sexually explicit items like magazines, condoms, lubricant, and adult toys 
  • Sewing supplies  
  • Scissors  
  • Glue  
  • Weapons such as knives, multitools, guns, and bullets 

This content was written on behalf of and reviewed by the clinical staff at Life Healing Center. 

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I walked through Life Healing's doors afraid, alone, and sick. After going through treatment, I left their doors feeling confident and healed. Life Healing Center truly changed my life!

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