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Sunny Smyth

Movement and Recreational Therapy

Sunny is certified in both MogaDao Yoga and Prajna Yoga as well as MogaDao Qigong. The small movement classes at Life Healing Center allow her to gear the level of difficulty for each individual present and pay careful attention to their correct alignment so they receive the maximum benefit and stay safe from injury. With her compassionate guidance, participants are able to release long-held trauma stored in their tissues and begin to detoxify on a physical and emotional level.

Through qigong practice, clients are able to access healing archetypes for grounding, releasing repression, and empowerment. This transformational work enables vital energy or “qi” to flow again through their bodies.

As the Recreational Therapist at Life Healing Center, Sunny leads Sunday outings to beautiful places in nature where clients can walk or hike. Often these places also have historical significance (such as sites where ancient Native peoples lived) which engage the imagination and give clients a wider perspective on their lives. She also hosts monthly Open Mic/Karaoke evenings where residents can share their gifts with the community.

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Life Healing Center's treatment professionals were so amazing. Their program helped me turn my life around and I finally feel like myself again.

– Sara L.