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Jeanne Juliet, CCMH (aka LPCC), New Mexico


Jeanne holds a Master’s Degree in Guidance Counseling from the University of New Mexico, and was first licensed as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor in 1988. Subsequently, she did extra graduate work in psychology at UNM, and participated in a one year therapist-training “Enhancement Institute” with Dr. William (Bill) Krieger in Albuquerque. Bill was a past President of the American Counseling Association.

EMDR is a very well-researched trauma treatment modality that has been around since the mid 1980’s. Jeanne has been doing EMDR for 15 years – 14 of those at LHC. Prior to that, she did 8 years of out-patient community mental health counseling, and several years of private practice with emotional eaters. Using EMDR, sometimes supplemented by cognitive behavioral tools and inner child work, she specializes in anger, anxiety/fear, depression, grief, guilt/shame, and PTSD/trauma. She had the honor of getting her Part II EMDR training from Francine Shapiro, PhD, the author & initial researcher of EMDR. As she frequently tells clients, “I stay very close to the researched trauma treatment protocol, with excellent results.” She focuses on Completely Clearing trauma, which means taking ALL of the PAIN OUT of Each Targeted Memory.

Jeanne believes that every person is naturally endowed by the Creator with what’s needed to heal from life’s pain, including severe trauma. Individuals need time, safety, supportive guidance & challenge; and the willingness to face, feel and express what most terrifies them. Trauma “Survivors” are, by definition, much stronger than they think, and that strength enables them to heal, whenever they’re ready.

Personally, Jeanne is a passionate animal lover and comfortable with religious/ spiritual issues.

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