Our Philosophy

For over 20 years, Life Healing Center has provided a safe, serene, and supportive environment for individuals who are seeking recovery from psychiatric disorders, trauma, and substance abuse. By providing a therapeutic environment where individuals are treated with understanding, compassion, and respect, Life Healing Center is proud to be a place of lasting healing and personal transformation.

Our Mission
For each individual we treat, we strive to provide the most effective care possible; care that fosters internal growth, personal transformation, and life-long recovery.

Our Vision
Spread harmony by empowering those who struggle with mental health, trauma, and addiction to embody hope, healing, and strength.

Core Values
We work hard to fulfill our mission and vision by embracing and demonstrating the following core values:

  • Quality – Our program is comprehensive, individualized and integrated to meet client needs
  • Respect – We as employees treat each other and our customers kindly and professionally
  • Dedication – We are a passionate and committed staff who hold ourselves to high standards
  • Accountability – We take responsibility for our financial sustainability, safety and client outcomes

At Life Healing Center, we view psychiatric disorders, trauma, and addiction as progressive illnesses that, when left untreated, have the potential to severely impair functioning in all major areas of a person’s life. Unfortunately, because of the stigma that is often associated with these conditions, individuals and their families are often unwilling to seek treatment. Therefore, we believe that it is essential we offer a therapeutic environment where every person is treated with respect, and where positivity and empowerment are prevalent.

Life Healing Center firmly believes that promoting an environment that embraces our core values will support and encourage patients as they embark on their journey to recovery, ultimately fulfilling our mission to provide care that fosters internal growth, personal transformation, and life-long recovery.

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